Friday, 25 May 2012


I made a trip to my favourite place today - The Recycle Centre. And look at all the goodies I picked up for my work space make-over for only $7!

The lady at the counter told me it was a rather eclectic selection, and the man next to my car couldn't help peering into my loaded arms to enquire as to what everything was for. He asked, might I need a stove off the back of his ute for my office redecorating perchance? No sir, I do not. But I was mightily pleased with my haul - although gutted when I got home and realised I left the awesome Rolodex I found sitting on the shelf! Twenty bucks says it's still there next time though. I was also very disappointed when I got home with my ring binder, all hyped up to file, when I realised I do not own a hole punch..... (Can I borrow yours Hol??)

The steel bucket caught my eye because of this lovely pic on Pinterest, the grey in-tray and ring binder are purely functional (while inkeeping with my colour scheme - see below), the glass jar I am going to paint for my pens and pencils, I bargained with the shop lady for that rectangular box (it was holding all the miscellaneous cards, so I had to find a new home for them before I could take it) and - that apple crate. Well. Will you just look at the colours! Very cool and I think I can make it work as under-desk storage.

I've decided my (very loose) theme will be grey, white, wood and green.

PS: I am IN LOVE with that kitchen top left. STUNNING.



  1. LOVE your industrial/rustic approach - I can't wait to see the end product!x

  2. Hey Michelle, nice blog...where is The Recycle Centre?
    Ingrid x


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