Friday, 25 May 2012


This morning we forfeited a Saturday morning sleep-in for three garage sales. With our house move in a month we need a double bed for the spare room, and a couple of chest of drawers (plus anything else that catches my eye). The hunt is on. We live about 15 minutes out from town and got in a bit early so popped to get a pre-sale flat white.

I was skyping with my buddy Hollie last night and she showed me some decanters she has collected for her December 6 wedding and low and behold - what did I find at garage sale number one? A crystal one for $10 and a glass one for $5. A steal! We also found the most amazing glass mirror there for a mere $1 - formerly property of the Wanaka Theatre Club. It is heavy, naturally shabby-chic and I am delighted.

At garage sale number two we found this solid wood chest of drawers. One down, one to go. So now I just need to figure out what to do with it to make it a bit nicer. There are a few options; I am partial to the simplest one - which is leave as is - but change or paint the handles. Nathan is leaning more towards sanding it and either painting or re-varnishing. 

This is our current bedroom furniture. The white one is mine (I inherited this for free from my first flat on Old Farm Rd in Hamilton - the drawers don't shut properly, it is missing handles and very grubby - but I love it) and the brown one belongs to our current house. I really like the contrast between the two - and love the green handles on the brown one.

So what do you think? I don't really think I can paint it white, because then it might clash with the one I have already? (It being mighty dirty...) Some research below:

There's a theme developing here. I think green drawers might be in order. It has the husband seal of approval, and I'm liking the handles on the dressers on the right hand side.



  1. Beauty, we are having the same issue - Luke's dresser needs some major refurbishment [total sand and paint I think] and both mine and his need new knobs - hard to find any that aren't crazy expensive so let me know if you make any discoveries! SO jealous of your finds, that mirror is AMAZING! xx

  2. Ps. so timely also, we are going garage sale-ing tomorrow!

    1. Good luck! I am going to start my dresser handle search soon, so will keep you posted xxx


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