Monday, 25 June 2012


I've been wanting to photograph this lovely horse for ages. He (or she, I didn't check) often stands by the road early in the morning watching the cars drive by, and finally this week I had my camera with me and stopped to snap a few pictures.

See how cold it is? He has ice on his whiskers!


Sunday, 17 June 2012


Last week I went garage-saleing again and found these little treasures:

BOOK: $2

I was so stoked to see KELLY HOPPEN: HOME. I asked Nathan to buy me this for a birthday or Christmas present months and months ago - and had completely forgotten about it. As I was searching through the table of goods, I unearthed this and couldn't believe she only wanted $2 for it - it retails for $70 on Amazon last time I looked!

Dubbed 'The Queen Of Taupe', Kelly Hoppen has a very distinct style. You can read an article by Kelly about her 'title' HERE, along with some tips.

Love the dark wooden coffee table, this is Kelly's own apartment

I adore the wooden shutters


Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Today it started raining (which it hardly ever does here) and as I peeked out the window I saw the wheelbarrow with a few dainty drops on it and I had to get out there and take some pictures. The light was lovely too.

We are also leaving this house in a couple of weeks so this is a nice way to remember it. I enjoyed my stroll, even though my fingers were nearly numb at the end!


Sunday, 10 June 2012


Remember this?

Well after $13.50 plus a little bit of painting and craft, I have finished my mini office/desk makeover and I am now loving my de-cluttered and tidy workspace.

(All second-hand from The Recycle Centre)

$5 -      Holder for my printer (painted)
$1.50 - Fabric for the bunting (mainly bought to make cushion covers at a later date)
$7 -      Under desk storage container
            Jar for pencils
            Tin bucket for other bits and pieces
            Wine bottle box for folders
            Grey in-tray

I am really pleased at how the painted corkboard looks against my wooden pallet lid, and the wooden pegs make a cute way to hang the bunting. 

I painted the ends of the wine bottle box because they had the winery logo burnt in. Although you can still see the logo, it is much more subtle and adds a nice vintage feel, without being clearly branded (see above).


Friday, 8 June 2012


I took my camera with me when I drove into town this morning at 8.30am and stopped to take that first picture of the snow kissed mountains behind our house. The sun behind the clouds looked stunning.

Then on the way home late morning, I couldn't resist these Lord of The Rings mountains rising above the rolling fields.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Today I was struck by the beauty of light when I looked to the window after my shower. Lighting is so important when trying to get a beautiful photo, but so often I miss those moments because they are so fleeting. I am going to try and have my camera with me at all times so that I can capture every moment of well-lit beauty.

I have also been fascinated with reflection in photography, and captured these self portraits in our dining room window at midday. It was -6 degrees Celsius here this morning so I was well wrapped up inside. Some lovely examples of light-influenced photography below.

Artist Alexander Harding has made light the subject of the majority of his work. Here are just a few, but you can see his full collection here.