Saturday, 13 October 2012


This weekend we moved my office into our bedroom to create some space for the new baby. He won't have a whole room to himself, but there is a nice little alcove in our bunks room which we can make his.

We picked up an awesome cot for only $35 (just needs a little TLC) so I have decided to base the colour scheme for the little corner around this.

Check out the alcove, the cot and a lamp I made from something I found at the Recycle Centre below:

Our landlord has told us we can paint the wall behind the cot, so I am thinking a pale grey would go nicely with the existing green walls, and compliment the turquoise, orange and brown colours.

There are so many great ideas out there for little DIY projects that I think I can incorporate into the area - one I am loving is the 'paint swatch' dresser.

Here is my initial thoughts for what I will do to the space, the colours on the dresser are the test pots I bought today so that I can start on that project right away:

I also bought some great frames from the second hand store this weekend, so will create something to put into those for behind the cot. I am also on the hunt for a large letter (like the 'B' in that dresser image above) so may incorporate that into the wall as well.

Here are some baby rooms I found online that have some neat elements:

Love the scrabble letters and muted colour palette on this one

Grey walls with decals

Colour scheme!

Gold branch pattern - very elegant

It's another alcove :) And cute mis-matched bunting

Lovely grey with a pop of bright green

Grey and orange. Love the stripes

Same colours :)

Cloud lamps... love

Love the ladder and dark grey walls

Pom poms and silver lettering xx

Grey walls and silver letter

Stick letters!!

Any other ideas for me?


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I received two very special deliveries yesterday - my maternity cocktail dress from ASOS for me to wear at a New Year's Eve wedding, but more importantly the wedding invitation for my dear friend Hollie's wedding!

It was with great excitement that I opened the envelope because I had been given the great honour of designing it. We went for a baby's breath theme to tie in with the bridesmaids' flowers and a dusky blue to match the groom's suit.