Wednesday, 12 December 2012


A while ago I saved this photo on my computer:

I loved the look of the ripped white jeans with the fabric behind the holes. I really like ripped jeans, but often do not love the look of my (sometimes pale) legs showing through.

About 3 months ago I went along to a clothes swap and picked up these beauties and set about making them more wearable:

- Ripped jeans
- Fabric to cover holes
- Needle and thread (same colour as jeans)
- Sewing pins

I popped down to the local op shop and picked out a grey long sleeve turtle neck top, in a light stretch fabric. As these jeans are quite tight - I needed the stretch in the fabric so that the patches would move with me and the rest of the pants.

I then cut patches about 1 inch wider than the holes in the pants, placed the fabric behind the holes, and from the front, pinned the patches to the jeans.

I then grabbed a single white cotton thread and sewed them on, using a simple back stitch and trying to sew as straight lines as possible!

The result? 

Some cute new jeans for summer that I feel much  more comfortable wearing :)