Sunday, 10 June 2012


Remember this?

Well after $13.50 plus a little bit of painting and craft, I have finished my mini office/desk makeover and I am now loving my de-cluttered and tidy workspace.

(All second-hand from The Recycle Centre)

$5 -      Holder for my printer (painted)
$1.50 - Fabric for the bunting (mainly bought to make cushion covers at a later date)
$7 -      Under desk storage container
            Jar for pencils
            Tin bucket for other bits and pieces
            Wine bottle box for folders
            Grey in-tray

I am really pleased at how the painted corkboard looks against my wooden pallet lid, and the wooden pegs make a cute way to hang the bunting. 

I painted the ends of the wine bottle box because they had the winery logo burnt in. Although you can still see the logo, it is much more subtle and adds a nice vintage feel, without being clearly branded (see above).



  1. I am sooo impressed Michelle! Love love the wood with the bunting. You must be so happy with yourself!

  2. It's much nicer :) And I picked up a lamp the other day (white ceramic base with a slightly sparkly taupe coloured shade) that goes awesome with it!

  3. This is a fantastic makeover. I especially love the bulletin board with the bunting. So creative.

  4. The wooden display is an interesting accent in your office—so, job well done for that! The room definitely is de-cluttered. Good thing you placed the printing equipment above the mini-storage shelf and not on the glass table. :)

  5. Your desk is looking a lot better than before! :) A truly cosy space to work in. Good job!


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