Wednesday, 30 May 2012


When I referred to what I was doing to this holder as a 'restoration', turns out that was a bit ambitious..... let's just say I refreshed her. I made a few little mistakes when doing this one (such as chipping off paint when I should have just sanded, dripping paint, using too much paint, using not enough paint...does anyone out there have tips on how to minimise visible brush strokes?) I ended up doing a couple of undercoats in Alabaster (matt finish) and then the final coat in Pearl Lustre (an enamacryl). The wheels I spray painted in matt black.

I also shouldn't have been so quick to criticise Nathan's painting skills in times past when mine are evidently far worse! But anyway - she is definitely not perfect, but she looks a whole heaps better and I am satisfied; I now have heaps more desk space!

The finished product in use:


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