Saturday, 26 May 2012


So my husband thinks I have gone a bit crazy with my flurry of projects for my mini office makeover... But it is all in good fun!

Here is the first: The Painted Jar.

This is by no means my idea - I first saw it on The Beauty Department as a storage idea for the bathroom, but I thought it was be a great container for my pens & pencils. You'll see it in action once my office is ready for its reveal.


1. Choose a jar - preferably a bottling one (I like the ones with logos). The Recycling Centre was all out of jars (it's bottling season dontcha know... actually I didn't... rats. But I thought this one which came with a weird lid would do nicely).

2. Choose where you want your paint to stop and mask it off with masking or painters tape.

3. Paint. Spray paint would have been MILES better, but I am just wanting to use what I already have - so I went with brush on enamacryl. Use a small, soft brush about one inch wide - I tried using my wide one and it was a bit messy. (If you did use spray paint, be sure to hide the top half with newspaper for the over spray.)

4. Let it dry in the sun.

5. VoilĂ ! All done


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  1. Mitch you are ALL KINDS of awesome. I love this idea! I csn't wait to see what you come up with next.xx


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