Thursday, 24 May 2012


When we decided to move south, I was very fortunate to have my company offer me the chance to do my job remotely. So happily I entered my fifth year as the marketing executive for Rialto Cinemas, and I also entered the world of The Home Office. Now. I would love to tell you that my office looks like this:

But actually it looks like this:

Not so pretty. 

But the top image is what inspired me to make something more of the space in which I spend at least eight hours a day. Firstly - I need to get that printer off my desk. Secondly, I need to find something to put all the paper and mess in (possibly the bin...). Thirdly (and probably most importantly) I need to SIMPLIFY. This is a working space, so it will never look perfect, but it might look a heck load better if I made more of an effort. 

I visited the local Recycle Centre on Wednesday and picked up the first additional item I will need to kickstart this project. The printer holder.

The restoration project has begun so I'll come back to that one later. In the mean time here is some inspiration for the new Home Office.

I think the key is finding some main items and colours to pull everything together. As previously mentioned, we are moving house in a month - so I am not going to factor the Orange walls into the equation at all.

Things I must/want to keep:

Glass Corner Desk
Small Pin/White Board
(Black pin board belongs to current house...)
Artwork (wedding present from my Sister Rebekah)
Wall Planner (Ugly but useful)

Things I need:

Storage solutions.



  1. OH man, our "office" is my nightmare... Luke wants a dedicated space for him to do marking etc at home, but we have this jumble of mismatched ugly furniture and I just can't seem to get it to come together! SO I've kinda decided to... do nothing :) SO inspiring I LOVE the clean white looks x

  2. ooh - you should totally do something with it! Clean white looks are awesome, but probably TOTALLY impractical (man - is that the word I am after? Struggling...) Thanks for your lovely comments!!


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