Sunday, 16 March 2014


My sister recently got married, and because I live at the other end of the country, there were not many things I could do to help with the preparations. As a contribution, my sister asked me if I could make her wedding cake. A daunting prospect! I made my own a few years previously, but it was pretty rough... so I did a practice run for a friends 30th party which came out quite nicely!

I changed a few things for the wedding cake, the height of the lower tier and also the colour of the pearl powder I used for the pearls that outlined the edge of the cake (in this image I used white, in the final one I used gold - I wanted Ivory but they had run out of stock.)

The cake is a white chocolate mudcake and you can find the recipe here.

I made five cakes in total - three larger ones for the bottom tier and two smaller cakes which were trimmed down for the top tier. I leveled each cake and sliced through the middle, assembling the cake with 5 layers on the bottom and four slightly thicker layers on the top - each sandwiched with sour cream and white chocolate ganache.

Once that is complete, I did a crumb coat with a plain buttercream and left to set before starting on the piped roses.

The pearls were made using a ready-made white chocolate flavoured royal icing (had a nice creamy colour). I cut slices and then cut those into evenly sliced squares which were rolled into balls and put into an airtight container. I then dropped some of the pearl powder in and shook it all around to evenly coat. The pearls were darker than I wanted but I was generally pleased with how they turned out.

The finished product with homemade cake toppers - J & R for Joma and Rebekah:


These were made using salt dough, moulded then baked in the oven. I then used a fine builders premixed putty to fill in the cracks, and sprayed with a gloss gold spray paint. I was really pleased with the finished result!


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