Sunday, 23 June 2013


Bos is now getting to an age where he is paying far more attention to the world around him, so this week I thought I would add to his sky-themed cot area with a DIY paper plane mobile.

- Coloured paper or pages from a magazine
- Plain white paper
- Scissors
- Thin nylon thread
- A ribbon to hang them from

First I selected some colourful pages from a magazine and cut them into rectangles measuring 20cm x 13.5cm. I ended up choosing to use only the teal and pink page for my planes.


Turns out I could not figure out how to fold a cute plane! So I used this tutorial, and here is another good one.

I created the clouds from simple white printer paper, but if you have light card that would be even better. Cut two identical clouds, find the centre of the cloud then down the middle of each, cut a slit to that middle point (half of the way down/up). On one go from the top, and the other from the bottom. Slot them together and they should align at the top. (You could also sew them together if you want to be real fancy).

They will then become 3D, and even using thin paper will hold their shape as above, and catch the breeze to spin in the air.

I made four planes and two clouds in total. I then threaded a needle with some clear nylon thread and used the needle to make holes in the top of each plane and cloud, threading the nylon through and knotting to secure. (Make sure on the clouds you go through both pieces of paper).

I was going to hang these of a piece of driftwood, but realised I needed the mobile to be really light to hang from a sheet suspended above the cot, so I simply strung them along a piece of blue ribbon and pinned that to the sheet.

And done!



  1. AMAZING! I want to see photos of his whole space? xx

    1. Thank you! Ha ha - it was a complete mess so avoided taking a pic of it! Really nothing fancy, but will try to take a pic soon when it's all tidy and nice!


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