Monday, 7 April 2014


This week we bought a new laptop for testing (for our web design company) and as we live miles away from anywhere you can buy a decently priced laptop bag or sleeve, I took took the opportunity to make my own!

I had a rummage around my fabric bags and came across some denim that was left over when I cut two pairs of jeans into shorts - a grey leopard print, and a black denim (slightly washed looking). As they were the lower parts of the leg, there was not a huge amount of depth to the sections of fabric I could salvage - I squared it off, and sewed the denim together, alternating between print and plain fabric. I then sewed the seams flat and I had a nice big piece of material to work with.

For the lining I used the bottom part of a black maxi skirt that I cut into a mini (just goes to show that you should never throw out fabric remnants!) It wasn't really cushy enough for a laptop sleeve, so I also added a layer of sweatshirt material to the lining (positioned between the two fabrics).

I had a hunt around the internet for a good idea for the sleeve - I toyed with the idea of doing a simple slip-inside pouch style, then thought I would challenge myself a bit more and make one with a zip. I had a 55cm grey zip that was the perfect length for this 13" notebook.

Now I thought there was no point giving you a step-by-step on the project, when this woman has done such a good job already! Here is the tutorial I followed:



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    1. Ha ha I'm shocked that you still check this considering how utterly crappy I am at writing posts!! Thanks! xx


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