Saturday, 23 August 2014


I have had four crates stacked up in my son Bos's room for awhile now for his books. Last weekend I decided I needed two more for the books that were scattered all over his room (and the house) so went up to my local pub and picked up another two for $5 each.

I have wanted to do something to decorate them, but was unsure what until I saw these two pins on Pinterest:

Bibus vintage rouge (


I loved the idea of adding a pop of colour, but just on the inside. So I went to the paint shop and bought some Bright Orange, almost a Tiffany blue, and a turquise green. 

I painted six shelves in various shades - three of each. For the orange I painted one first, then topped up the test pot with white to do the other (each crate used just over half a pot) and then for the third I topped it back up with white to get the lightest shade.

I stacked them up (Nathan will bolt them together sometime, and add a top) and then hung some DIY art and a photo above. I think he's pretty happy!


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