Monday, 22 April 2013


In a recent edition of Fashion Quarterly I saw this ridiculously expensive chain necklace. I thought I would make one for myself, so I raided my box full of random jewellery bits and pieces to put it together.

I didn't have the right piece of chunky chain on hand, so decided to do it with what I did have which was a really short fine chain and some larger oval chain. (You should be able to get hold of lengths of fine chain, clasps and chunky chain from a craft store to make one for yourself.)

I joined the junky chain into a circle and folded that in half to start, then attached loops at each end. I then attached these to the fine chain.

Voila! You could make a much nicer one of these using custom purchased pieces, and make a beautiful necklace for a fraction of the cost of the original. I would definitely put the clasp at the back of the neck if I was building this from purchased pieces too :)


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