Wednesday, 4 July 2012


So last week we moved into our AMAZING new home. We are very blessed to have been able to find this house, and it is now all unpacked and lovely and I have almost finished setting up :) 

I was however, a little disappointed when I went to make the bed in our spare room because I had forgotten that my white waffle knit duvet cover was only a double, and did not fit the queen sized bed! We had recently purchased this granite duvet cover as a spare so it went on instead. (You can see we do not have an iron... I am sure once a few guests sleep in it the cover will soften up!) I still have put my favourite green, white and beige quilt on top, and thought that a nice wee cushion would help to tie it all together.

 A little while ago I picked up some fabric from the Recycle Centre in a green and white check so I used that. I did not have a spare cushion, but did have a very thin old pillow, so folded that in half to get my inner.

Lay your pillow or cushion inner onto your fabric and cut around. I did an inch, but to get a snug fitting cover, only do a centimetre or so.

Once you have cut it, visualise it in thirds, that is where you want your back pieces to go to on each side once you have folded the edge back. 

To cut the two back pieces, get another piece of your fabric and double it over. Line up the first piece you cut with one edge to guide you - Measure out about an inch or so (however much you want to fold under) from where you want the finished folded edge to sit and cut. Then cut down the fold to separate your two back pieces.

Take each back piece and fold the edge over. If you have an iron, iron it now to hold it in place (if you want to be really thorough, sew this fold as well).

Lay them out on your first piece, with the folded edge side towards you, one piece with the gap at the top, then overlay the second piece so the gap is at the bottom. Pin it all around where you want to sew, and sew it up. (Of course when I went to do this my machine broke, so thankfully my neighbour let me use hers!)

Once it is sewn, turn it inside out and you have the finished product ready to use. 

Stuff your pillow or cushion inside...and voila! The simplest cushion cover you could EVER make (well I reckon :)

Now - this cover is VERY quick and rough. If you want to make something more long lasting, make sure you zig zag all the edges (I didn't bother as I was borrowing someone else's machine so wanted to be quick), sew down the edge of the folds, and you can even add button holes and buttons to the fold at the back!

If anything doesn't make sense, just ask :) Hope you like it!


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